Our Mission

Salem Vineyard exists to grow Spirit-empowered disciples of Jesus through an innovative, Kingdom-seeking community of worship, formation, justice, & love.

We believe the Church is not another sub-culture, but the making of a new humanity. It’s not a building or a weekend activity, but a people becoming a family defined by God’s love. We hope to live out the gospel here in Salem throughout the week; then we gather each weekend as a way to share, celebrate, be formed, & minister to one another. We desire to partner with God in the divine pursuit to put the world to rights. Our prayer is as Jesus prayed: that the Kingdom come & God's will be done, in Salem as it is in Heaven.

Spirit-empowered disciples
We want every person in our city to experience the life-changing Kingdom of God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. But the great mission of the church is not converting people from one religion (or no religion) to another one; we are called to make full-fledged, entire life, disciples of Jesus. At Salem Vineyard, our basic purpose is just that: to invite all people into a new & better life by becoming mature disciples of Christ. As a member of a Spirit-filled church movement, we believe we can only fulfill this purpose through an intimate reliance on the Holy Spirit, whom we believe to be God's personal, empowering presence.


innovative, Kingdom-seeking community
We are committed to being an innovative church that has a constant finger on the pulse of our city. We are working to be a family united in Christ that models his life-flourishing Kingdom in all arenas of our community. We want to meet both the deep spiritual desires that are part of every human life & the practical desires of our neighborhood. How can the church be a place that blesses the city not just on Sunday mornings, but also Monday through Saturday? That's what we're after.


community of worship
Authentic & powerful worship is our heritage. We believe that to worship God is to embrace that he is right there with you & desires to be experienced. When we come together for worship through music, art, prayer, etc., we often find that we are led to a place of deeper experience of God’s nearness. Opening ourselves to the experience of God's presence in our worship is one of the most beautiful & healing things we do as a church.


community of formation
To become disciples of Jesus means that we are being formed to live like Jesus. This is a lifelong process; mature discipleship to Jesus is a marathon, not a sprint. Formation unto Christ means that we spend time with Jesus, we become like Jesus in our character, & we do the stuff that Jesus did, continuing his ministry on the earth. We pursue this formation in multiple ways as a body, from our Sunday worship to fun church-wide events & more. But we believe the best, most practical way we can grow in discipleship formation at Salem Vineyard is through our Life Groups.


community of justice
Compassion, mercy, reconciliation, & service... They all speak to our mandate from God to be a people of justice. Jesus calls us to embody his presence & proclaim his Kingdom. He calls us to love him by loving our neighbor. This is both a great privilege & a great responsibility. It involves proclamation & presence, word & deed. It involves working toward Kingdom justice for all of creation.


community of love
In all things we do, if we aren't growing in no-strings-attached, God-like love, then it's all meaningless. We proclaim loudly that our God is love. That means that everything we pursue as a church, even the things that may seem outward in nature, are meant to develop in our innermost beings a more pure love for God, for others, & for ourselves.


Our Values

We pursue our mission by staying rooted in the values of the Vineyard.

Salem Vineyard is connected to a much larger family of church communities all across the globe called the Vineyard. As one of the 2,000+ Vineyard churches in 100+ nations, Salem Vineyard is part of a church movement that pursues a unique & wholistic mission inside of the greater global Church. To get more information about Vineyard churches, please visit www.vineyardusa.org


The Vineyard Values