Our Mission

Salem Vineyard exists to grow Spirit-empowered disciples of Jesus through an innovative, Kingdom-seeking community of worship, formation, justice, & love.

We believe the Church is not just some institution or a weird sub-culture; the Church is the making of a new humanity. It’s not a building or a weekend activity, but a people becoming a family.

Our desire is to be a family defined by nothing less than God’s radical love. Our desire is to be a family learning how to follow Jesus together. Our desire is to be a family learning how to boldly step out on adventure with the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to be a family learning how to live out the gospel here in Salem every day of the week. Our desire is to be a family that partners with God in the divine pursuit to put the world to rights. Our prayer is as Jesus prayed: that the Kingdom come & God's will be done, in Salem as it is in Heaven.

We believe God is up to something good here at Salem Vineyard, & we’d love for you come be a part of it!

Spirit-empowered disciples
We want every person in our city to experience the love of God & embrace his life-changing Kingdom through a relationship with Jesus Christ. But the great mission of the church is not converting people from one religion (or no religion) to another one; we are commissioned to make full-fledged, entire-life disciples of Jesus. At Salem Vineyard, our basic purpose is just that: to invite all people into a new & better life by becoming mature disciples of Jesus. As a member of a Spirit-led church movement (the Vineyard), we believe we can only fulfill this purpose through an intimate reliance on the Holy Spirit, whom we believe to be God's personal, empowering presence dwelling in us.


innovative, Kingdom-seeking community
We are committed to being an innovative church that has a constant finger on the pulse of our city. We desire to be a church that expresses an alternative way to live, an alternative vision for society. It’s a call to be a “colony of heaven in a country of death”, as Eugene Peterson puts it. We want to be a church that models the life-flourishing of the Kingdom in all arenas of our community. We want to meet both the spiritual needs & the practical needs of our neighborhood. How can the church—here in Salem, OR in the 21st century—be a place that blesses the city not just on Sunday mornings, but also Monday through Saturday? Where will we need to be innovative in how we “do church”? Where will we need to take risks of faith? Those are the questions we are asking together.


community of worship
Authentic & powerful worship is our heritage in the Vineyard. We believe that to worship God is to embrace that he is right there with you & desires to be experienced. When we come together for worship through music, art, prayer, etc., we often find that we are led to a place of deeper experience of God’s nearness. Opening ourselves in our worship to the experience of God's presence through the Holy Spirit is one of the most beautiful & transformational things we do as a church.


community of formation (& transformation)
To be disciples of Jesus means that we actively pursue taking on in our lives the fullness of Jesus’ life. We are seeking to become like Christ. And in this, we see that our lives are being both formed & transformed into Christlikeness. This is a lifelong process; mature discipleship to Jesus is a marathon, not a sprint. We embrace this in multiple ways as a body: from our Sunday worship to our community ministries, to our church-wide rhythms of service & outreach, to fun church-wide events & more. But we believe the best, most practical way we can grow in discipleship at Salem Vineyard is through our Life Groups.


community of justice
Compassion, mercy, reconciliation, & service... They all speak to our mandate from God to be a people of Kingdom justice. Jesus calls us to embody his presence & proclaim his Kingdom breaking in on the earth. He calls us to love him by loving our neighbor. He is actively at work in the world, setting wrong things right, & he wants us to partner with him! This is a great privilege & a great responsibility. As the Church of the King, we desire to pursue his Kingdom justice throughout all of creation.


community of love
In all things we do, if we aren't growing in no-strings-attached, God-like love, then it's all meaningless. We proclaim loudly that God is Love. It is Love that lasts in the end. And it is Love that should be the primary marker of God’s people. That means that everything we pursue as a church, even the things that may seem solely outward in nature, are meant to develop in our innermost beings a more pure love for God, for others, & for ourselves.


Our Values

We pursue our mission by staying rooted in the values of the Vineyard.

Salem Vineyard is connected to a much larger family of church communities all across the globe called the Vineyard. As one of the 2,000+ Vineyard churches in 100+ nations, Salem Vineyard is part of a church movement that pursues a unique & wholistic mission inside of the greater global Church. To get more information about Vineyard churches, please visit www.vineyardusa.org


The Vineyard Values