Kids are super special to God & they are super special to us!

That's why we want to provide a fun & safe environment for kids to be kids. We want them to feel free in their skin as they experience God & encounter Jesus. We want our kids' areas to be marked by joy, laughter, & learning. We want our events to be full of energy & excitement. We want our parents to be well equipped & supported. We want to treat our kids like Jesus treated the kids... as the special gifts they are.

We have two kids' areas on Sunday morning. Our “Little Ones” room for children 0-4 is open right at 10 am. Our “Children’s Church” is for K-5th grade. Those children are welcome to be signed in & dropped off following our worship through song (during the 5 minute break).


Vineyard Kids works to be a ministry that:

  • Gives our kids a chance to encounter & experience the joy & love of God

  • Shapes our kids’ imaginations & character with the stories in scripture that make up the big story of a God who is on a mission of love in the world: renewing, restoring, & reconciling all things through King Jesus

  • Encourages our kids to take that experience of God's love & that imagination of God's love, & put it into action by giving it away through radical love & service to others

  • Invites our kids into ongoing participation with God on his great mission through helping them step out into the adventure of life led by God’s Holy Spirit

All workers in Vineyard Kids have passed strict background checks.