Life Groups

We think living & growing in community is a big deal…

Church is so much more than a once-a-week gathering on Sundays. It's a community sharing life around a table, learning how to become family. It’s a community that encourages one another, helps one another, & sharpens one another. Put simply, it’s a group of people who commit to being disciples together, learning how to love one another & following Jesus into abundant life in the Kingdom. It’s in a community like this where we often begin to experience real growth & transformation. At Salem Vineyard, Life Groups are one of the most practical ways that we pursue discipleship together in loving community.

We have Life Groups of various flavors, all depending upon the focus & leader of the group. Most of our Life Groups run on a school-year season (September through May with a break in the summer), though some have other time-frames. They vary in size & openness to newcomers throughout the year, again depending upon the focus of the group. Our hope is that in this diversity of Life Groups, you will be able to find one that you can join that fits your rhythm of life.

We will have a new collection of Life Groups ready to kick-off in September 2019. We’ll see you then!

Life Classes

Sharing with & learning from each other in the stuff of life

Starting in September of 2019, we plan to offer some short-term (4-10 week) groups meant to explore specific topics & help you connect with others through going deeper in the stuff of life. We’re calling these groups “Life Classes”. We plan to have classes on: marriage/relationship skills, first steps in the faith journey, ALPHA (those interested in exploring questions about spirituality & faith), Holy Yoga, songwriting, & more. Stay tuned to find out more about Life Classes coming this fall!