A time for connection & encounter in a culture that can feel isolating

Our Sunday morning worship gatherings are the primary way that we are able share life with Jesus alongside the whole family. While the Sunday morning experience is not meant to be the end-all-be-all of the church life, we do believe it is important & healthy for us to regularly get together for meaningful connection, fellowship, worship, prayer, learning the way of Jesus, & seeking the abundant life of the Kingdom through opening ourselves to God’s presence among us.

Join us on Sunday mornings

Prayer Ministry - 9:20 am
Worship Gathering - 10 am

Cafe Shine | 248 Liberty St. NE | Salem, OR 97301


We meet in downtown Salem in a coffee shop called Cafe Shine. Dress is casual. Come how you are; we have no dress code. Because we are downtown, parking is on the street. On Sundays, parking is untimed & free. There is also a free parking garage only two blocks away if you cannot find street parking.


Before we “officially” begin our worship time, we have an intentional space set-aside to pray for our morning gathering, listen to the Spirit, speak prophetically over one another & the church, & receive any prayer you might need for any healing or restoration in your life.

Our prayer ministry time starts around 9:20 am and takes place in the prayer room at the back of the Cafe . A friendly face will be glad to show you the way to the prayer room when you come through the front door. All people, regardless of where you are on the faith journey, are welcome at our pre-worship prayer ministry.


When you walk into the building you'll be greeted by a few of our lovely family members who will be eager to introduce themselves & make you feel welcome. We have free coffee, tea, & water. Help yourself to as much as you'd like. On the first Sunday of the month, we have light breakfast snacks for you to enjoy. 

There is some traditional seating as well as more casual seating (couches, tables). Sit wherever you feel comfortable! We try to start our worship gathering around 10 am, but that's more often than not a loose guideline. We really value connection & conversation, so we try to give people as much time & space to do that as we can. If you have small children (0-4 years), you can sign them in & drop them off downstairs in our “Little Ones” room right at 10 am.


We start our gathering with a time of communal worship to God through song & art. Our worship time is meant to be formative & free. Engage with us during that time as you feel comfortable & as you feel led by the Holy Spirit. Some people close their eyes & lift their hands, some may sketch or doodle or dance, while others are more reserved & use the worship time to just listen & reflect. It is common that during worship some people begin to sense that the Spirit is moving them to lay hands & pray for someone or speak a prophetic word over them. We value freedom in letting people worship however God leads them.

Our worship culminates with the sacrament of holy communion. We simply use baked bread & grape juice. We also have gluten free crackers for those sensitive to gluten. Our practice is that communion (also called Eucharist/Lord’s Table/Lord’s Supper) is open to all who desire to give themselves over to Christ. This is because we believe that communion opens us to a mysterious & beautiful encounter with the very presence of Jesus by the power of his Holy Spirit, as it has in Christian practice for two millennia. This is a time to encounter the very presence of Christ as we center & ground ourselves around him & around what he has done for us:

> That Christ died as a sacrifice on our behalf, taking away the sins of the world
> That Christ rose from the grave, conquering through radical love the powers of evil, hatred, death, & darkness
> That Christ invites us into his upside-down Kingdom, where by the Spirit we are being restored & empowered to live as the new creation
> That Christ will one day return to earth to complete God’s great mission of the restoration & renewal of all things into new creation

We then typically close our time of worship by creating space for quiet, stillness, & then the recitation of a litany (a simple communal prayer) or a confession of our shared historical faith.

After worship through song & art, we take a short break so people can stretch their legs & refill their coffee (Oregonians REALLY love their coffee). During this break, we release parents to drop their school age children (K-5th) downstairs for “Children’s Church”. This is an intentional time of spiritual formation that's meaningful & relevant… But most of all, our kids get to have a lot of fun! We believe God really loves when our kids can actually be kids.

Following the break, we come back together for community life announcements & a short teaching (usually 20-30 minutes) about the abundant life with God that we are invited into through Jesus, the one true savior & king. The teachings may vary in topic, but we always aim for teachings that are: 

> Drawn from the inspiration of the holy scriptures
> Relevant to our modern life & culture
> Intellectually engaging & also applicable in daily practice


To end our morning together, we usually have a time for reflection & response. This sometimes looks like an open & organic time of prayer, prophesy, or other ministry. Sometimes it looks like discussion in small groups, sometimes it looks like silent reflection, & sometimes it might be going back into a time of worship. We do different things during our reflection & response time because we believe in simply following the guidance of a creative & diverse Holy Spirit.

As the reflection & response time comes to a natural close for each person, many will begin to grab their children from downstairs & either hang around a little longer in the Cafe or head out to one of the many fantastic lunch spots around the city. If you are a first-time guest, we will have someone at the door to give to you a little gift just as a way to say thank you for being a part of our morning.

We hope by reading this that you feel more prepared & comfortable about joining us in our worship gatherings. We hope to see you on Sunday!