An intentional time for connection in a culture that is often isolating.

Our Sunday morning worship services are the primary way that we gather together. While Sunday morning is not meant to be the "highlight" of the church experience, we do believe it is important for us to regularly gather the whole church for meaningful connection & fellowship, formative worship, learning the way of Jesus, praying for one another, & seeking the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Join us Sunday morning!

248 Liberty St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

We meet in downtown Salem in a coffee shop called CAFE SHINE. Dress is casual. Come how you are; we have no dress code.

Because we are downtown, parking is on the street. On Sundays, parking is untimed & free. There is also a free parking garage only two blocks away if you cannot find street parking. When you walk into the building you'll be greeted by one of our lovely members who will be eager to introduce themselves & make you feel welcome.

We have free coffee, tea, & water. Help yourself to as much as you'd like. Some Sundays we have light snacks. There is some traditional seating as well as more casual table seating & bar seating. Sit wherever you feel comfortable! We try to start things around 10 AM, but that's more often than not a loose guideline. We really value connection & conversation, so we try to give people as much time & space to do that as we can. If you have small children (0-4 years) you can drop them off downstairs in our nursery right at 10 AM.

We'll start the service with a time of corporate worship to God through music & art.  Our worship time is meant to be formative & free. Engage with us during that time as you feel comfortable & as you feel led by the Holy Spirit. Some people close their eyes & lift their hands, some may draw or doodle or dance, while others are more reserved & use the worship time to reflect. There's freedom in worshipping the King.

After our worship time, we take a short break so people can stretch their legs, refill their coffee (Oregonians REALLY love their coffee), & we release our school age children (K-5th) for an intentional time of spiritual formation that's relevant to them & really fun! When we all come back together after a few minutes, we have a few announcements to share & then we will have a short teaching (usually 20-30 minutes) about the Kingdom of God & walking in the way of Jesus. The teachings may vary in topic, but we always shoot for teachings that are: 

  • Drawn from the truth of the biblical scriptures
  • Culturally relevant
  • Both intellectually engaging & applicable in daily practice

To end our teaching, we usually have a time of ministry. Our ministry time sometimes looks like people praying for each other, sometimes it looks like breaking into small groups & reflecting on what we just learned. At least once a month it looks like engaging in the sacrament of Holy Communion. The sharing of bread & wine during communion is open to everyone.

You are not obligated to join us during this ministry time, but you are of course welcome to be part of the ministry that is going on during that time. If you don't join us for ministry time, that's totally ok & you are free to grab your kiddos & enjoy the rest of your Sunday! As the ministry time closes, people will begin to grab their children & either hang out a little longer in the CAFE or head out to one of the fantastic lunch spots around the city.

We hope you feel more relaxed about joining us for worship & look forward to seeing you on Sunday!