Loving our middle school & high school friends well as they grow in their faith...

At Salem Vineyard, we want to see our middle & high school students understand who they are in Christ & understand that their lives have a purpose in the Kingdom of God. We want to invest into the next generation of Jesus followers. 

We gather regularly from all over the city to have lots of fun, worship through music & art, learn from the scriptures, pray for one another, & build lasting relationships with each other. Our fall 2018 hang-outs are:

  • Welcome night on Wed., Sept. 26 @ 7 pm @ Cafe Shine

  • 1st Wednesday, Oct. 3 @ 7 pm @ Cafe Shine 

  • 2nd Sunday, Oct. 14, right after worship time

  • 1st Wednesday, Nov. 7 @ 7 pm @ Cafe Shine 

  • 2nd Sunday, Nov. 11, right after worship time

  • Youth Christmas party - Wed. December 5th @ 7pm @ Cafe Shine